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Holding Fee and Payment Agreement:

A Holding fee of $300 is charged in order to hold the puppy you choose. This holding Fee is non-refundable. However if you change you mind after the holding fee has been paid, the fee can be applied towards the purchase of a future puppy within one year of original purchase date. You are not guaranteed a future pup for the same price as the current agreement. If you do apply the holding fee to a future puppy -The remaining amount of balance must be paid at the time of pick up or when the puppy is 8 weeks old. Breeder reserves the right to cancel sale if an unpaid balance remains at the age of 8 weeks unless prior arrangements have been made.

Health Guarantee
To the best of the breeders knowledge and belief, this puppy is in good condition, free from symptoms of contagious and infectious diseases at the time of sale. If the buyer believes this puppy to be sick, the animal should be immediately taken to the
veterinarian of buyers choice within 72 hrs. Breeder is not responsible of any medical bills once puppy is in buyer's care. A one year after sales replacement puppy is given for any major organ failure caused by a genetic or congenital disease.  A notarized  vet report with finding statins to a medical certainty that the condition was in fact caused from prenatal or hereditary state will be required. Breeder's veterinarian must confirm and agree with diagnosis. The breeder will then offer buyer a replacement puppy equal value or lesser value from upcoming litter. Replacement guarantee will be terminated if puppy is found abused, neglected, or does not have up to date shots, worming prevention or fecal records.
As of date of delivery - pick up the puppy has received proper vaccinations, coccidia preventive and regular de-wormer treatments. This guarantee does not cover treatments of coccidia, Giardia, and kennel cough which are usually caused by bacteria and is common is puppies that are shipped.

The size of the puppy as an adult is only an estimate based of the breeder's experience and traits recognition. no guarantees are made to adult size. Same goes for coloring of the pups. some may fade and become lighter or darker  with age. At no time do I want my puppies to be surrender to the shelter or rescue. I will gladly accept the return of my pups at any age at no cost to me.

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